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What Your Church or Temple Should Know About Our Brighter Way Church Program [infographic]

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Every year, electrical expenses add up to tens of thousands of dollars for your church or temple. And because these expenses are only expected to rise, you need your resources to stretch further. At 3 Guys Solar, LLC, our Brighter Way church program can help, and we want to tell you a few things about how it can support your religious institution.

The federal government’s contribution—The federal government will provide direct payments to nonprofit organizations of 30% of the cost required to install a new solar panel system. Although this is a good start, our program can help reduce costs further.
Our pricing structure for churches—If your church or temple transitions to solar, we will provide large group pricing on the project. We will provide this pricing to your facility and members of your congregation.
How much your church can save—For every member of your congregation who has us install solar panels on their home, we will reduce the cost of your building’s solar panels by up to $1000. We will offer these savings up to the total cost of your church or temple’s solar panels.
The goal of our Brighter Way church program—The goal of our Brighter Way church program is to reduce fossil fuel pollution by reducing the cost of going solar. We hope the congregants’ ability to cut their own monthly electrical cost by 40 to 50% will motivate your congregation to pay for the church’s system this way. With our Brighter Way Church Program, your church members can help the church go solar for much less.

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