What Solar Panel Installation Companies Want You to Know

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Our team at 3 Guys Solar, LLC has extensive experience in the solar industry, and we want to help more home- and business owners reap the benefits of rooftop solar panels. We understand the prospect of adding solar panels to your building is exciting but sometimes confusing as well. In this article, we’ll go over some key facts solar panel installation companies like ours want you to know before you get started.

We’ll Need to Prepare Your Roof – Before our team can install solar panels on your roof, we will need to ensure the roof is prepared for them first. Solar panel installation companies like ours will inspect your roof before beginning the installation process, making sure the roof is in good condition, checking to ensure it’s strong enough to hold the extra weight, and figuring out if the slopes of your roof face the right direction to catch the most sun.
You Will Definitely Save Money, but You Probably Won’t Make Money – In our experience, some solar panel installation companies will claim their panels will generate so much electricity that you’ll be able to sell the excess back to the grid for a profit. Unfortunately, this claim is almost never true. However, installing solar panels on your roof will help you save a great deal of energy—up to 90% of your monthly energy consumption in some cases. This in turn means you will save a great deal on your monthly energy bills and will only have to pay a fraction of the cost.

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