Lochinvar unveils heat pump to supply hot water at up to 70 C

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Lochinvar has developed a heat pump with a hot water supply of up to 70 C, with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 5.5. The system is entirely cascadable, offering outputs ranging from 88 kW to 880 kW. It also includes 455 liters of hot water storage capacity and uses propane (R290) as a refrigerant.

UK heating specialist Lochinvar has developed a high-temperature air source heat pump that can reportedly produce hot water at temperatures of up to 70 C.

“The high temperatures achieved make the Amicus Altus especially useful as a direct low carbon replacement for gas boilers in buildings with high hot water demands without the need for a substantial remodeling of the heating and/or hot water systems,” the manufacturer said.

The Amicus Altus heat pump is fully cascadable, with outputs from 88 kW to 880 kW. It features a hot water storage capacity of 455 liters and uses propane (R290) as the refrigerant. Its total power input is 22 kW.

The manufacturer claims the new product has a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 5.5 and a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of up to 3.95. The system can also operate in heating mode down to -20 C external air temperatures.

The heat pump measures 2,450 mm x 2,560 mm x 1,100 mm and weighs 835 kg.

“Air-to-water heat pumps are generally highly energy efficient, but the Altus also delivers hot water temperatures comparable to those end users are used to with conventional gas boilers,” said Product Engineer Steven Hunt. “Air-to-water heat pumps can be integrated into a variety of heating systems, which makes them a flexible option for different types of buildings and installations.”