US manufacturer releases home backup solar battery

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RoyPow introduced a new residential lithium-ferro-phosphate battery this week at Intersolar North America in Long Beach, California.

From pv magazine USA

RoyPow Technology is displaying its new “all-in-one” residential battery energy storage solution at Intersolar North America this week in Long Beach, California. The company brings more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in renewable energy and battery energy storage systems.

The latest product, RoyPow SUN Series, is a lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) home battery sporting up to 15 kW of power and 40 kWh of capacity. It has a maximum efficiency of 98.5%.

The high-power battery is a true whole-home solution, the company says, as it is able to back up larger home appliances like air conditioners, dryers, and pool pumps. The high-capacity storage is designed to offer homeowners an opportunity to maximize solar energy self-consumption, avoiding value loss from exporting energy to the grid.

Like many battery offerings today, the SUN Series is modular and stackable, allowing for what is reportedly an easy design and installation. Battery modules can be stacked from 5.1 kWh to 40.8 kWh. Up to six units can be connected in parallel, delivering up to 90 kW output.

The battery is IP65 rated, resistant to dust and moisture, and is UL certified for safety. The LFP chemistry negates the need for cobalt in the battery, a mineral tied to conflict mining and higher rates of battery fires in traditional lithium-ion batteries. The company reports that the switching time is less than 10 milliseconds, which makes the battery safer, but also allows for automatic energy transfers for on- or off-grid use without power disruption.

The SUN Series battery is paired with its namesake app, which can be used to monitor solar production in real time. The app enables preference-setting for optimizing energy independence, outage protection, or savings. The system can be controlled with remote access and instant alerts.

The new product will meet the emergent needs created by “the trend of rising energy costs and the need for greater energy resilience in the face of increasingly frequent grid outages,” said Michael Li, vice president at RoyPow Technology.

Li said the company will continue to develop products in the renewable energy storage space, targeting commercial and industrial solutions, vehicle-mounted and marine applications, and more.

RoyPow is based in China’s Guangdong province, with manufacturing centers in China and subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.